What you get when you hire a pro!

Ryan Schatz Photography - Getting more from your money


When the photo session is done and the camera gear is put away it's not over for your friendly neighbourhood photographer. Hours and hours of editing is ahead for me. But once the photos are ready, it was painful sometimes to get the images to my clients. Burning discs or loading USB sticks was time consuming and slow to deliver either using the postal service or trying to schedule a meeting to deliver (Not so easy when you are in another city or provence.) It was time to change my service for the better.

Well... I've upped my game!

Now when you hire me you get a first class service that you can take to-go. Once I edit your photos and am ready to deliver, all you have to do is open an app on your phone or tablet and start viewing and sharing your photos. You can set favorites on the go and download full res images on your home PC or Laptop. Select packages even include an option to order prints that you can hold like the old days. You can even add tags to photos and hide the ones that you don't want people to see.


Sneak Peek Sooner

Wedding photos take quite a while to get through and I know that it is hard to wait to see how awesome you looked on your wedding day. Now i can give you what you want with a private album just for you to see and share.

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