Step right up and strike a pose!

I'd like to introduce to you a new addition of my company. It is something that I have built from the ground up and I have had a blast doing it.

I have created a very unique open air photo booth. It all started with a simple idea of creating something from nothing. Well almost nothing ... I already had some of the parts and pieces laying about now it was time to put it all together. I jumped on Amazon and found some of the missing pieces. I searched through second hand stores for other pieces and build something very unique.

Welcome to the open air, traveling photo booth. A funky portable photo booth that's able to be set up almost anywhere. All you have to do step into the booth touch the screen and let the magic happen. After your session in the booth a customized 4 x 6 photograph is printed out as a Keepsake and memory of the amazing event that you just took part of.