PhotoWalk... Film Style

Changes coming to the Paramount Theater, Kelowna BC.

It came to me when I was talking to the salesman in my local camera shop; we were talking about film cameras and how some photography students need to use a film camera in their courses. Admittedly, I never went to such a school and am self taught so in this digital age I have never been restricted to 24 frames and a single iso. I decided to do an experiment and started a facebook group to see where it could go.

The idea was to take my camera (Canon EOS 6D) and lock in an iso that I felt would be ideal for a overcast Kelowna, BC winter day and go for a walk downtown. I chose iso 200 as it was mid-morning and partly cloudy.

Now as I started my walk I realized just how much I rely on the tech in my hand to capture the exposure. It really forced me to think about my aperture and shutter speed. More so, also made me think "is this an interesting photo?" When you only have 24 frames you are limited.

I also turned off my rear screen's review function. What I got is what I got until I get home and get into the "Digital Darkroom," for me this is Lightroom.

As I walked I really did find it hard not to instinctively chimp the screen and had to trust my exposure that I spent time getting right.

I started off by the frigid water of Okanagan Lake. I normally would take a few test shots but instead I really focused on the sky and clouds. I exposed to ensure that the clouds would not get blown out. The only part that i didn't mind getting blown out was the sparkles in the water.